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Orphan Sponsorship

Sponsor an orphan in two simple steps

1- Register your details and specify your orphan

2- Set up your direct debit or payment option

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‘Kafalah’ is the Arabic term for Orphan Child sponsorship.
It means taking on the responsibility to provide and care for a child in a way that was equal to their own parents. As we are often a thousand miles or more from those we sponsor, we entrust others to care for them on our behalf and we provide for their means and needs as we can.

Below you will see ‘Sponsor cards‘ for our many orphans, these are small posters so we can gain interest for children who need sponsorship and secure a long term relationship of care and provision for them to grant them stability after their very unstable circumstances.

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If you believe that children should have education, food and the care and provisions they need to develop and grow, if you believe they should have more than just what is needed to simply survive, then join Team Yateem by sponsoring one of our children and make them one of your children also.

Because they matter to us.

**This is done on a first come first served basis but if you do miss the child you requested, you will be put as a priority in a waiting list

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